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"Marketing isn't just about buying ads anymore."

Neil Patel

SEO, INVESTOR & marketer
As an engineering company, Cruise loves the reliability, intuitive interface, and ease of use that Lattice offers. Everything that used to be a headache or unnecessary step with other performance management platforms is seamless with Lattice.
McKeanna Moreau McKeanna Moreau Associate Director, People Operations
The Slack integration has been awesome for sharing recognition amongst the team. We love that feedback aggregates over time so that we can avoid recency bias during our review periods. The team loves the ability to share and receive feedback in real time
Miranda Levéeu Miranda Levéeu People & Culture Manager
Lattice has completely automated and streamlined our process, reducing the time spent per-review by hours. We care about creating a strong feedback culture at Glossier and Lattice has made that a reality.
Lynley Flanagan Lynley Flanagan Senior People Operations Manager
Lattice has been an integral part in helping Slice focus on OKRs and standardize check-ins company wide as we continue to grow! We're also using Lattice to conduct our first ever formal performance evaluation, and the process could not be simpler!
Bill Clerico Sarah Monaco People Manager

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